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Bertolini-Cestari, C.; Cestari, L.; Invernizzi, S.; Marzi, T.; Pignatelli, O.; Rossino, ... (2022)
Technology, Diagnosis and Structural Assessment on Timber Composite Beams in Venice Arsenal at the Biennale. In: Protection of Historical Constructions / Ioannis Vayas, Federico M. Mazzolani, S.L., Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, pp. 68-79. ISBN: 9783030907877
Invernizzi, S.; Montagnoli, F.; Carpinteri, A. (2022)
Very High Cycle Corrosion Fatigue Study of the Collapsed Polcevera Bridge, Italy. In: JOURNAL OF BRIDGE ENGINEERING, vol. 27. ISSN 1084-0702
Invernizzi, Stefano; Bertetto, Amedeo Manuello; Ciaccio, Federico; Nicola, Paolo (2021)
Design of a modular exhibition structure with additive manufacturing of eco-sustainable materials. In: CURVED AND LAYERED STRUCTURES, vol. 8, pp. 196-209. ISSN 2353-7396
Invernizzi, Stefano; Montagnoli, Francesco; Carpinteri, Alberto (2021)
Experimental Evidence of Specimen-Size Effects on EN-AW6082 Aluminum Alloy in VHCF Regime. In: APPLIED SCIENCES, vol. 11. ISSN 2076-3417
Invernizzi, S.; Montagnoli, F.; Carpinteri, A. (2020)
The collapse of the Morandi’s bridge: remarks about fatigue and corrosion. In: Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering – History and Challenges, Wrocław (Poland), October 7-9, 2020, pp. 1040-1047. ISBN: 978-3-85748-169-7
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