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Torsello, Giulia; Vallero, Gianmarco; Milan, Lorenzo; Barbero, Monica; Castelli, Marta (2022)
A Quick QGIS-Based Procedure to Preliminarily Define Time-Independent Rockfall Risk: The Case Study of Sorba Valley, Italy. In: GEOSCIENCES, vol. 12. ISSN 2076-3263
Vallero, Gianmarco; Barbero, Monica; Barpi, Fabrizio; Borri-Brunetto, Mauro; De Biagi, ... (2022)
Experimental study of the shear strength of a snow-mortar interface. In: COLD REGIONS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 193. ISSN 0165-232X
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Vallero, Gianmarco; Barbero, Monica; Barpi, Fabrizio; BORRI BRUNETTO, Mauro; DE BIAGI, ... (2021)
A new experimental set-up to study the shear strength of snow-mortar interfaces. In: EGU General Assembly 2021
Castelli, Marta; Torsello, Giulia; Vallero, Gianmarco (2021)
Preliminary Modeling of Rockfall Runout: Definition of the Input Parameters for the QGIS Plugin QPROTO. In: GEOSCIENCES, vol. 11. ISSN 2076-3263
Castelli, Marta; Torsello, Giulia; Vallero, Gianmarco (2021)
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Vallero, Gianmarco; De Biagi, Valerio; Barbero, Monica; Napoli, Maria Lia; Castelli, ... (2020)
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Scavia, Claudio; Barbero, Monica; Castelli, Marta; Marchelli, Maddalena; Peila, Daniele; ... (2020)
Evaluating Rockfall Risk: Some Critical Aspects. In: GEOSCIENCES, vol. 10, pp. 1-30. ISSN 2076-3263
Barbero, M.; Castelli, M.; Cavagnino, G.; De Biagi, V.; Scavia, C.; Vallero, Gianmarco (2019)
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